16th May 2022

A mentally healthy library!

Do you want to be a know-it-all for mental-health? Find a spot next to the corner dedicated to this theme in the Alsama library. This shelf has been arranged by our student librarian, Mohammad, in light of the Mental Health Awareness Month.

It has famous Arabic and English titles, including ‘Brave, not Perfect’ by Reshma Saujani, ‘The first 90 days’ by Michael Watkins, ‘Schizophrenia’ by Dr. Mustafa Ghalib (Arabic), ‘Body Language’ by Alan & Barbara Pease (translated to Arabic), The Power is Within You by Louis Hay (translated to Arabic).

This month we received two consignments of new books sponsored by friends of Alsama spread across the globe. Now we have more than 700 books in this cosy space, all of which are properly catalogued in our online bookkeeping software. The reading fever in the school was high in May as we organised a Reading Race. All students had to read as many books as they can and give a written summary to Mohammad. 

Guess who is leading in the race to be the ‘Reader of the month’- Asmaa from group 11. Her favourite book is Treasure Island.

She shared with us her passion for reading.  

When I read I get lost in my imagination and become a character in my own story. I forget about all my tensions when I am in my imaginary world. I wish I never had to leave the library.

Asmaa, Alsama student

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