11th April 2022

3 day yoga workshop for new yoga teacher trainees

I used to understand that yoga is just movements and giving orders, but after I understood the basic technique, I now know how to plan a class in a more engaging way

Nabila, our yoga instructor trained by Koun NGO

This is how Nabila feels after a very successful 3 day yoga training workshop with Tools For Inner Peace. “Yoga, Songs and Games Training” was part one of a two part series of training sessions focusing on how to deliver yoga lessons to young children through fun games and techniques.  Alsama yoga instructors, along with 6 of our students, participated in the training. This group of students, including 3 boys, has recently been selected to become yoga teachers. This workshop is a part of their training journey. 

I want to be a cricketer, but I sometimes feel that my muscles are too stiff. Yoga is helping me change that and relax myself. When I do yoga I feel I can fly like a piece of paper. I am a lot calmer. That is why I decided to be a yoga teacher. I want other students to feel the difference yoga brings to your life.

Ibrahim, Alsama student training to be a yoga instructor

The entire team is feeling super motivated and empowered after their first lesson and cannot wait for Module 2!  Thank you Tools for Inner Peace for helping us get in touch with our inner child and giving tools to teach yoga effectively to children. 

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