14th July 2022

100% success in Brevet exams

The Lebanese Brevet exams took place this month and 5 Alsama students were sitting them. Guess what? The entire cohort passed with flying colours!

My feeling was indescribable. After all the stress and difficulties I faced, I passed the exam so well. It made me believe in my abilities. I want to advise my younger friends that if you commit and work hard towards your goal, you can achieve it irrespective of the challenges.

Ibtihal, the top scorer from Alsama

The difficulties they faced in the Lebanese afternoon schools for Syrians did not pull them down from scoring well. Alsama gave 2 months of support classes for the Brevet students to complement what they learnt in school. We had special English, maths, chemistry classes running 3 days a week and intense practice hours to prepare them to sit a time bound final exam.

The days before the exams were a mix of emotions- confidence, stress and excitement. A week before we asked Shahed how she felt-

I am nervous and excited at the same time. After all these additional classes at Alsama, I feel like I am now fully ready to get started with the exams.

It was a delight to see the joy of our students when the result was declared and all of them passed. The entire batch was together celebrating, even the ones who did not sit the Brevet this year were in cheer for their friends. 

I am extremely proud of our students who did so well with just 2 months of support. For next year, we have planned to start Brevet classes from the beginning of the year because our goal is to have the best scores in Lebanon from Alsama.

Hiba, Director Shatila School

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